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SDP80 Porcine protein

SDP80 Porcine Protein is derived from the co-product after extraction of heparin from porcine intestines for the human pharmaceutical industry, not a rendered product.

Sol-O-Meeno 48

Fish solubles dried on soybean meal 44

Ferm-O-Blend 42

Combination of synermax, fish solubles, condensed corn extraction fermentation solubles dried on soybean meal 44



Fermentation solubles dried on soybean meal 44

Ferm-O-Sol 40

Fish solubles dried on solulac

Ferm Pro 15

Synermax dried on soybean mill feed


Cane molasses dried on soybean mill feed, 38% total sugars

Custom Drying

We also provide custom drying services, please contact us for details